FS Racing FS-53692 1:10 2.4G 4WD Brushless Water Monster Truck

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Battery: 11.1V 30C 3S 3500mah
Speed: 95km/h
Gear Ratio: 14.12 (Brushed) ; 13.11 (Brushless)
1. Steady performance and wonderful bevel differential
2. Impact resistant, highly strong plastic chassis
3. Alll time 4 wheel drive, shaft transmission
4. Adjustable , high powered oiled shocks
5. High simulated tire design with high force
6. Body design with smooth appearance

         Length: 440mm; 470mm (without / with wheelbar)
Width: 330mm 
Heigth: 200mm 
Wheelbase: 275mm 
Tire Diameter: 
MT Tyre: 125mm
SC Paddle: 115mm